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About Eurobooks

Eurobooks is a distinctive bookshop based in Bratislava specializing in Anglophone, French, German, Spanish and Slav original literature. We are an independent importer providing an immediate and unlimited access to worldwide publishers. We are pleased to let you know, that we offer by far the widest choice of fiction, books for children, nonfiction, language text books, dictionaries, specialist literature in the humanities and science. Medicinal literature including. Our offer also features a wide range of audiobooks and DVDs.

Our policy is to offer tailored services to customers. No book should be a problem to track and get hold of for your satisfaction.

Why should one seek our services? Firstly we can be ultimately helpful in providing information on the literature, that empowers our customers in the area concerned further. We are keenly aware that both the price and time are equally of relevance. Naturally, then, we do endeavor to offer the most competitive rates possible, keeping free from excessive costs.

Moreover, the faithful will be rewarded by attractive discounts and other benefits.
And finally, the bookshop is quite proud to be home for a number of social functions, presentations and expositions.

What else could one add? You are most welcome.

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